About Us

1. Investigation and Research
We have established technical committees, consisting of specialists and experts from member companies and groups, to pursue investigation and research into specific fields. The fields addressed include the environment, consumer protection, countermeasures for low birth rate and aging population, productivity, working environments, housing performance, building regulations, housing taxes, housing finance, street environments, communities, and other such related topics. Our primary analysis subjects are economic indicators and housing-related statistics as well as the effects of housing-related policies. We also investigate and analyze trends in the housing market, the circumstances of home buyers, housing situations and housing related policies in leading foreign countries, and policy trends in related fields such as medical care, welfare, and energy. We use our results and findings as the documentary basis for policy proposals to the government and related ministries and agencies, and provide them to member groups and companies.

2. Policy Proposals
Based on the results of investigations and research in our technical committees, the policy committee compiles policy proposals for ideal forms of housing and home life, and ways forward for the housing industry. The committee also calls for specific policies on housing-related legal systems, subsidies, taxes, finance, building regulations, and the like, and actively lobbies the government and related administrative agencies with policy requests and proposals.

3. Information Dissemination and Educational Outreach
We provide the public with information such as key points of home building, housing-related taxation, finance, subsidies, etc. We also use educational activities to encourage the wider use of quality housing with high seismic resistance and energy saving performance.
We provide member groups and companies with information on subjects such as policy trends in related ministries and agencies and the results of surveys and research by technical committees, as well as educational activities for purposes such as promoting work safety. We also organize a variety of workshops nationwide, to help housing businesses to handle new national policies.

4. International Exchange
In addition to being a member of the International Housing Association as the representative of the Japanese housing industry, we exchange information about the housing situation and policy trends in each country, engage in ongoing deliberations on multiple issues affecting member countries, and contribute to improved home life and progress in the housing industry in each country.
To keep track of housing situations and trends in housing policy etc. overseas, we organize overseas visits and training, and exchanges with housing industry bodies in the visited countries.

5. Support for Disaster Recovery
In the event of a major earthquake or other large-scale natural disaster, we help the affected people to rebuild their lives as quickly as possible. In partnership with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and the local authorities of affected areas, our support activities include setting up consultation centers on restoring damaged housing, dispatching counselors to affected areas, providing lists of contractors, and assisting in the building of emergency temporary housing and the refurbishment of damaged public housing.



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