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Policy Committee
Based on the results of investigations and research in our technical committees, the committee compiles information on ideal forms of housing policy, and actively lobbies the government and related administrative agencies with policy requests and proposals.

Technical Committees
●Housing Performance Improvement Committee
 This committee’s activities to enhance energy saving and various other aspects of housing performance include studying home performance improvement measures, extending such measures, raising knowledge and awareness among small and medium home builders, and partnering with energy-related industries.

●Consumer Systems Study Committee
 This committee’s activities to promote consumer protection in the housing and home life fields include extending measures related to consumer protection.

●Environment Committee
 To further the formation of a recycling society, this committee performs investigations and research on subjects such as suppressing CO2 emissions, suppressing the generation of building waste, recycling and properly disposing of such waste, and improving atmospheric and indoor air quality. It also promotes action to improve the environment.

●Building Regulations Rationalization Committee
 This committee works on investigations and research into measures to improve legal systems etc. related to building regulations to further facilitate the construction and refurbishment of homes, in order to develop high-quality housing stock.

●Housing Taxation and Finance Committee
 This committee conducts investigations and research into measures such as housing taxation, finance, and subsidy. Its activities are intended to promote the growth of the Japanese economy and help to secure the ongoing private sector housing investment needed to develop and maintain the high-quality housing stock which is essential for affluent home lives.

●International Exchange Committee
 This committee helps to improve housing conditions in various countries through the activities of the International Housing Association, information exchanges with overseas housing-related bodies, and surveys of overseas housing conditions.

●Construction CS and Safety Committee
 This committee pursues investigations and research on ensuring safety and health in housing construction workplaces, improving working environments, improving conditions for skilled house builders, and addressing the aging of the workforce.

●Street Environments Committee
 This committee investigates and researches ways to maintain and improve the street appearance, living environments, and communities of residential districts.

●Housing Stock Committee
 This committee investigates and researches issues related to the appropriate maintenance management of existing housing stock, the expansion of investment in refurbishment, smoother logistics, conversion to non-residential use, appraisals, etc. which reflect aspects such as performance quality.



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