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The Japan Federation of Housing Organizations was founded in June 1992 with the goal of uniting the housing industry across divisions of structural and construction methods, to raise the quality of houses and enhance residential environments, by tackling and solving various issues of housing, residential environments, home life, and the housing industry. It was reorganized as a general incorporated association on November 1, 2012.

Homes are the foundation that supports people’s lives, and quality housing and good residential environments, where people can keep on living for long periods, are significant social assets. Recognizing the importance, the Basic Act for Housing was enacted in 2006 to define the basic concepts of housing policy, such as the supply of quality homes as the foundation for residential living, and the development of good residential environments. However, it has not realized a society in which each and every citizen can benefit from affluent home life. Improvements in seismic resistance and energy saving performance are truly pressing tasks in the face of aging population and birth rate decline, major earthquakes, and other large-scale natural disasters, as well as the progression and deepening of climate change. Diversification in lifestyles and workstyles must be met with the application of the IoT and other advanced technologies, the creation of new home life services based on partnerships between related industries, and the ongoing construction of a market able to supply housing stock at fair prices corresponding to quality. Quality housing and good residential environments require renovation using the latest technologies to meet the needs of the times, and the building of a real stock-type society where people can live with long-term continuity, to achieve a society in which every citizen can feel affluence in their home lives through all their life stages.

The Japan Federation of Housing Organizations is ambitiously extending its activities to achieve this kind of society even a day sooner.



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